Professional translation

Professional translation

Professional translation

With us you are in good hands when it comes to a professional English-Spanish, Spanish-English, German-Spanish, Spanish-German, Spanish-French, French-Spanish translation, or any other language combination. Our translation agency offers language solutions to suit your needs.

We offer translation services in the following fields: finance, medicine, computers, communication, marketing, technology, etc...

In contrast to general translations, technical translations require extensive knowledge in specific subject areas, such as technology, economics, natural sciences, law, medicine etc. This is because all these areas of expertise have their very own terminology. As the range of terminology in some areas of expertise can also be very extensive, technical translators are marked by a profound understanding of their areas that they have acquired through years of practical experience. A technical translator needs to always be up to date, which is why they are always keeping informed of developments in their field.

Our translators consist only of carefully selected technical translators with a commanding knowledge of both the source and the target language, as well as a university degree and many years of experience in their specific area of expertise. In addition, every technical translator translates only into their native language, as this is the only way to fully preserve all the special linguistic and cultural features of a text in a translation.

We have clients from various institutions around the world who trust in the quality of our services and have found in our translations what they have long been seeking.

You may be looking for an translation agency that does professional translations.

• We carry out all types of professional translation in over 100 languages .

• Professional translations prepared by experts in the field.

• Professional translation from English to Spanish.

• Professional translation from English to French.

• Professional translation from English to Italian.

• Professional translation from English to German.

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The first phase of the general translation process is, naturally, the understanding of the source text. This seems simple, but is not actually so straightforward. Proficiency in the language is obviously a necessary condition, but so is knowledge of the historical context, the culture and, depending on the type of text, even the idiosyncrasy of the author. In this phase of general translation, personal experiences are often beyond the scope of academic knowledge.

If you will allow me the comparison, while the translation of legal texts requires you to specialize in a specific field of language, for general translation you have to be specialized in… well, a bit of everything, basically.

The translator then has to ask him/herself a tricky question: How can I communicate the content of the source text correctly in the target language? The answer is, by taking the ideas of the source text and expressing them through the linguistic signs of the target language, preferably the translator’s mother tongue. Why? Basically, for practical reasons. Imagine, as we have said before, that we are talking about a general translation intended for a wide audience that is not assumed to have prior knowledge of the subject. Well, the audience concerned has to deal with the translated text as if it were not translated; in other words, as if the author had written it in the target language. The result of the translation has to be perfectly acceptable and intelligible to the recipient. Therefore, if the target language is also the mother tongue of the translators, the latter will find it easier to overcome the inevitable interferences resulting from the close contact between two languages and which can hinder the understanding of the text.

Here are some examples of general translation:

• Letters of any kind
• Simple business correspondence
• Presentation of a company
• General news articles
• E-mails
• etc.

Why entrust your general translation to Cosmolingo: Because we offer high quality general translations, always meeting the established deadlines and at competitive prices.

Entrust your general translation to us!