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The Czech language

Czech (from the family of western Slavic languages), with its convoluted declensions, phonetic difficulties and apparently endless syntactic possibilities, could possibly be one of the most difficult languages for those of us who speak such a “standard” language as ours. But do not forget that, whatever its complexities (similar, on the other hand, to those of other Slavic languages such as Russian), it is the means of expression of over 12 million people, most of whom live in the Czech Republic (where Czech, which has various dialectical forms, is the only official language, although others such as Czech, Slovak and Polish are also spoken). However, we also find Czech speaking communities virtually all over the world, both in Europe (Austria, Croatia, Poland, Romania, Ukraine and particularly, as will be explained later, Slovakia) and outside Europe (Australia, Canada and, above all, United States).

The Czech Republic occupies a strategic and disputed position on the map of Europe. For this reason, it has had a rather turbulent history, with landmarks such as the so-called Prague Spring of 1968 and the peaceful split from Slovakia in 1993. It is currently part of the European Union (which it recently presided), NATO and the World Trade Organization. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, with numerous festivals, such as the picturesque Burning of the Witches, and all kinds of cultural and artistic attractions throughout the year, particularly in Prague itself. Proof of this is the fact that no less than twelve historical monuments of the Czech Republic have been declared World Heritage by UNESCO. Moreover, it is considered one of the engines for the economic recovery of the old continent and has one of the highest human development rates in the region.