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The data provided will be saved while there is a commercial relationship or for the number of years prescribed in order to meet legal requirements. The legal basis for the handling is to be found in the consent provided or in the contract signed between the parties. The data provided will not be passed on to third parties except in the event of legal obligation. In addition, you are hereby notified of your right to exercise the right to access, rectification or removal, place a limitation on the extent of the handling, or refuse handling. Furthermore, you are hereby notified that, if you wish, you have the right to withdraw, at any moment, the consent provided regarding the handling of your data, without this affecting the legality of the handling based on the consent given prior to withdrawal. Finally, you are reminded of your right to file a complaint with the Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEPD) if you consider that the handling of you data is not in accordance with European or national regulations. Further information at Privacy Policy

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