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    Translation is a significant way to eliminate the barriers
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A made-to-measure job

Whether you need to translate an instructions manual into English, a catalogue into German or an advertising brochure into Chinese, the Cosmolingo translation company provides professional translations which display our profound knowledge of the techniques required in the technical, financial, scientific, tourist and many other sectors in almost all languages.

The translation company, Cosmolingo, operates in the international arena and is one of the most renowned in the field of translation. We offer high quality translations at reasonable prices. The translation company, Cosmolingo, translates to and from most languages in the world, because we have translation experts in different areas of specialization worldwide, such as, for example, tourism, law, economics, finance, etc. We work with more than 2000 professional translators located throughout the world.

We collaborate with highly qualified, degreed, and experienced native translators and interpreters. These only translate into their native language, ensuring the most accurate representation of your documents. We also have access to a worldwide network of professional translators. This enables us to always meet your translation needs by direct access to resources in any language combination and text type.

Technical translation

A perfect technical translation can only be obtained using a qualified translator. Put yourself in the hands of a professional.

Websit translation

Improve your internet presence by offering readers all the information on your web page in the language of your customers.

Financial translation

We translate financial reports, balance sheets, annual accounts, and any other type of financial information in a professional, confidential way.


We only work with specialists in the sector of medicine, and thus we can guarantee a precise, exact translation.

Professional tranlation

We offer translation services in the following fields: finance, medicine, computers, communication, marketing, technology, etc...

Scentific translation

We have the most suitable scientist for your scientific texts.

Commercial translation

Our professionals have more than 5 years' experience in Marketing.

Legal translation

We translate all manner of contracts, deeds, powers of attorney, standards, judicial rulings, etc.


70 idiomas

We provide translation services in more than 70 languages

In a global community which is becoming more competitive by the moment, multi-lingual communication is a must. Cosmolingo is here to meet the need. Our professional translators are highly qualified, degreed in translation and interpretation, and are duly experienced in every translation specialty area. They only translate into their native language, ensuring the most accurate representation of your documents.

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Our professionals

Rest assured that your message will be understood. Indeed, you could say that the receiver will be unaware that the text is translated, since the translations carried out by our team of professional translators read like an original text.

Project Management

Cosmolingo employs a personalised management system, oriented to the client's needs. This enables us to manage a large amount of work with maximum efficiency without compromising quality.

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gestión de proyectos

Translation agency

Choosing a translation agency is a very important task because ultimately it is your image that is at stake, since the translations you do will ultimately represent your company or even yourself. If you are looking for a translation agency with a successful professional background that offers quality services, look no further.
Agencia de traducción
Servicios de traducción

Translation services

Globalization has increased the rate of growth in the world market significantly. In order to succeed in the international market and ensure clear, fluent communication with clients worldwide, language skills are essential and, therefore, it is important to have a strong ally to overcome language barriers in your daily activities.

At the centre of our focus is customer satisfaction.

Experience with large translation projects

We are experienced in the management of large projects. Each project is assigned to a project manager who is responsible for each phase of the work sequence and is readily available to you at any time. The larger the volume, the larger the discount!

Technical translation and localisation

Our translation company specialises in technical translation and localisation. All technical translations are done by professional specialist translators who only translate into their mother tongues.

Urgent translation

For those translations that cannot wait, we provide an urgent translation service, with same-day or 24-hour delivery. If you need a translation urgently then contact us, and in less time than you think we will provide the solution.

No-obligation quote

We create personalised translations which are adapted to the needs of our clients. Our quality/price ratio is convincing in all respects
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