Commercial translation

Commercial translation

We expect you will agree with us that, now more than ever, many of the commercial activities of our companies take place abroad; expanding markets, finding new opportunities, reducing production costs… are concepts that are very familiar to us. Therefore, you will agree that multilingual communication is an extremely important element in these activities, as in virtually every aspect of our lives today.

But unlike in the case of other types, the purpose of commercial translation goes beyond communication. In other words, the translation does not end in the text itself, but is a tool at the service of something else, such as the sale or promotion of specific products, the establishment of standards for commercial transactions, etc.

Let us consider other specific features of commercial translation.

On the one hand, according to the type of text they are dealing with (catalogues, brochures, contracts, promotional material, etc.), commercial translation requires translators to be specialized in diverse sectors. The texts may use very precise terminology and in commercial translation there is no room for ambiguity. Therefore, the translators have to adhere to the formal and stylistic conventions of the different types of text they work with.

On the other hand, the translators have to be aware of the dynamics of the labor and trade relations in the target culture; otherwise, they run the risk of inadvertently violating certain unwritten conventions and rules, thus obscuring the fluent communication between the issuer and recipient of the text concerned.

Perhaps more than any other type of translation, commercial translation must take into account the intentions of the issuer in order to adapt to the expectations of the recipient.

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