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The purpose of these General Conditions is to regulate the provision of services reflected in the offer, as a supplement to the contract that formalizes the contractual relationship between the Parties. Any modification to the offer must be agreed upon be the Parties. These General Conditions apply to all the language services requested from Cosmovega S.L.U./Cosmolingo (hereinafter COSMOVEGA).

COSMOVEGA reserves the right to change the General Conditions at any time and without prior notice. These changes are considered to be accepted by the simple fact of making use of the service. We recommend regular viewing of these conditions.

Without prior express written authorization, no particular condition shall prevail over the General Conditions of COSMOVEGA.

Acceptance of the express written quote or acceptance of the quote online implies full acceptance of these General Conditions.


Each translation request must be made in writing or electronically. In addition, it must be confirmed by COSMOVEGA.

The delivery time of translations is that agreed upon by the Parties in the particular conditions. In no event shall COSMOVEGA be responsible for delays in the sending of an email or other postal or land communication which are not attributable to COSMOVEGA or in the event of force majeure.

The client must confirm receipt of the translation.


All assignments will be carried out professionally; i.e. all jobs will be done by qualified translators who are native speakers of the language they translate into. Translations will be carried out with the highest quality and true to the original.

If clients wish to apply specific terminology, they should provide the relevant glossaries to COSMOVEGA. If not, the translators will apply the terminology they consider most appropriate.


The translation of documents in AutoEdit (Word, Excel or PowerPoint, etc.) will be carried out directly in the relevant application, maintaining as far as possible the format and design. Cosmovega does not guarantee an identical result, as we cannot rule out the possibility of the format or design being changed due to the length of the texts, which may vary once translated.

To ensure the correct layout of the translation, the client has the option of hiring the layout service, AutoEdit or Desktop Publishing.


Any modification to the text to be translated must be requested in writing. COSMOVEGA, in turn, reserves the right to change the delivery date and prices.

The client agrees to provide all the important and necessary information for the correct execution of the translation assignment. If any important aspect has not been communicated before formalizing the assignment, the client shall have no right to compensation. The work already completed will be billed at 100% and a new quote will be given for the backlog.

Any changes to the document after delivery exempt COSMOVEGA from any liability in this regard.

If the client cancels the translation assignment after the project has started, the work already completed will be billed at 100% and the backlog at 50%.

All translations carried out by COSMOVEGA are for the exclusive use of the client. Any publishing, reproduction or other uses shall be done under full responsibility of the client.

The client holds all copyrights over the documents to be translated. In no event shall COSMOVEGA be liable for any damages related to copyright.

The rights of use and exploitation of the translations delivered (such as, for example, the use, processing or publication of the translations carried out by COSMOVEGA) shall remain in the power of COSMOVEGA until the contracting party has paid the established price in full. In the event of infringement, the resulting income shall be transferred to COSMOVEGA.


Payment conditions shall be set forth in the particular conditions according to the type of service and size of the project.

Delays in payment shall involve the application of a 5% surcharge. COSMOVEGA reserves the right to interrupt assignments underway in the event of late payment.

The client shall pay the fees for the service hired through the systems mentioned in the particular conditions. All bank charges are payable by the client.


Any complaints regarding quality or delivery time must be made within a maximum of 7 days following the delivery date of each assignment or parts thereof. These shall be accompanied by the original and the translation, in which the possible errors must be indicated. COSMOVEGA reserves the right to make a correction. After that date, any complaint will be excluded.

If there is any deficiency, COSMOVEGA reserves the right to make a correction. Only if the revision of the text is inadequate or erroneous may the client claim his right not to pay for the service hired. In any event, claims for damages, such as loss of profit, damages caused by delay, damages to third parties, printing or publishing costs, etc. are excluded.

In all events, the liability of COSMOVEGA is limited to the price of the project concerned.

If any fault is found in part of the translation delivered, in no event may the quality of the whole translation be questioned.


COSMOVEGA agrees to respect at all times the confidentiality of the information received, both before starting a project and after the provision of the service hired, and in no case shall it be transferred to third parties.

COSMOVEGA is not responsible for ensuring confidentiality in the case of data transmission over the Internet.

Translators, collaborators and other employees sign a confidentiality agreement with COSMOVEGA and assume that the information they access when carrying out an assignment is strictly confidential and will not use it in any other way that is not strictly the translation thereof.


Both the disclaimer and the general conditions attributed after a quote request or any service provided by COSMOVEGA are governed by Spanish Law and submit to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Valladolid.

Should any of these terms, in part or in whole, for any reason be declared unconstitutional or void by a court, the remaining terms shall not be affected.