Financial translations

Financial translations

The word «translation» can refer either to the process of translating the meaning of a text written in a specific language (hereinafter, «source text») into a different language, or to the result of this process («target text»). Strictly speaking, the term «translation» applies only to written translation; otherwise, we must refer to «interpretation». Although we realize that specific and diverse factors are involved in each translation according to the text, the context, the intentions of the issuer and the expectations of the recipient, at this point we are going to focus on what is known as financial translation.

Financial translation is undoubtedly one of the most difficult disciplines in the field of translation. They require extensive experience and knowledge above all in the field of economy and finance. Another important criterion in the context of financial translation is absolute confidentiality.

Our financial translation service meets all these requirements and offers the necessary experience and skills for this kind of translations. No matter whether you need economic reports, EU Directives, or any other type of report, with us you are in good hands. We guarantee delivery by the estimated deadline even when this is very tight. Our team of experts in financial translation and economy is able to meet your objectives. Semi-annual reports and communiqués are part of our repertoire in the field of financial translation. Our consortium of translators covers virtually all languages and has extensive experience in complex subjects and specific areas such as equities, currencies and commodities, having a perfect understanding of the subject in order to carry out their work effectively.

We provide our financial translations to banks, insurance companies, lawyers, advertising agencies and research institutes.

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