Scientific translation


In a globalized and increasingly competitive world, competition increases not only nationally but also internationally, and therefore the global exchange of scientific achievements increases. Therefore, essays, dissertations, doctoral theses and other texts are often written in a foreign language.

Looking for a scientific translator to suit your needs? We carefully examine the content of your scientific translation and use the appropriate terminology after a thorough investigation. In addition, we also offer you our expertise in scientific translations for a precise, clear result with stylistically correct contents with no errors.

From an economic point of view, now more than ever, companies are required to operate worldwide in order to achieve higher yields. In order to help your company achieve this goal, we offer extensive knowledge, precise research, wide experience and a professional service in the field of scientific translation.

To ensure excellent work with regard to scientific translations, we have translators with academic training and a wide experience in their respective scientific fields, since each discipline has a specific terminology which must be taken into account in order to give a one hundred per cent guarantee in scientific translation services.

Moreover, someone who has a good command of a foreign language does not always have the ability to translate a text correctly in terms of the style and idiosyncrasy of the target language. Scientific texts, in particular, require an expert in the field.

We offer scientific translations for both individuals and companies.

We process any scientific translation with no difficulty. Cosmolingo covers the wide range of scientific subject areas for your benefit. Take the opportunity to send us an email with the documents to be translated or use our online tool and you will soon receive a quote with no obligation.

We offer scientific translations in the following language combinations:

Spanish to English scientific translation.

English to German scientific translation.

English to French scientific translation.

English to Portuguese scientific translation.

English to Italian scientific translation.

English to Russian scientific translation.

And many more language combinations.

Scientific translations in medicine

Scientific translations in chemistry

Scientific translations in physics

Scientific translations in biology

Scientific translations in geology

Scientific translations in histology

At Cosmolingo we have the necessary skills and knowledge to offer you precise, clear scientific translations with a stylistically correct and error-free content.