Medical and pharmaceutical translation


Medical translations are extremely complicated and require a high level of knowledge in all fields of medicine. Modern medicine, in many aspects, requires advanced knowledge, which is transferred to medical translation at a communicative level, as we can see in the translation of brochures, manuals for medical equipment, specialized medical software or flyers.

Manufacturers of medical devices and pharmaceutical products, and medical researchers, operate internationally because this is the only way to ensure the highest standards, and it is precisely this situation that pays homage to medical translations.

Good language skills are not enough to meet the necessary requirements when it comes to doing a medical translation. You need medical knowledge and years of experience in the field of medical translation. Our team of translators specialized in the field of medicine have the necessary knowledge and extensive experience. Our specialist team of translators in the area of medicine have the necessary knowledge and vast experience.

Public and private hospitals, medical equipment manufacturers, private clinics and government agencies entrust us with their medical translations because they are satisfied with our service and the quality of our medical translations.

If you want to successfully apply for a job abroad and have your qualifications or doctoral theses translated for this purpose, we can help you.

Before starting a project, we ensure its confidentiality. Our translators and interpreters sign a confidentiality agreement with Cosmolingo (Grupo Cosmovega S.L.) that prevents them from disclosing any information obtained during their linguistic work.

Take the opportunity to send us an email with the documents to be translated, or use our online tool, and you will shortly receive a free quote with no obligation.

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These are some of the documents we translate:

• Medical translation of medical records

• Medical translation of medical reports

• Medical translation of scientific articles

• Medical translation of specificationss

• Medical translation of prospectuses

• Medical translation from English to German

• Medical translation from Spanish to English

• Medical translation from English to French

• Medical translation from English to Italian

• Medical translation from English to Portuguese