Project Management

One of our main objectives at the Cosmolingo translation agency is to develop and continuously improve our work processes to achieve greater efficiency in performing the assigned translations. The goal of our translation agency is the fast, accurate performance of the projects concerned

For that reason, meticulous quality control is the key to our success. We always like to talk to our clients, in order to carry out and improve our work processes. In the first instance, our coordinators examine the texts to determine the area of specialisation. Then, the characteristics and specific terminology are examined, together with the text format. If the client has a terminology glossary, we can apply it. Otherwise, we create our own. The translation project is finally sent to the suitable translator or translator team. At that point the real task of translation begins. Once the work is completed, the text is checked by a second translator. At the end of the process final touches are made to the design and layout. The translation is then ready to be delivered to the client, before the agreed deadline.


The management of each translation project encompasses a variety of tasks, both great and small, that determine project success. Because of this, we assign each project to a project manager who is not only responsible for every phase of the project, but also serves as an intermediary between our translation team and the client.

pluma 1: Once a work order is received, it is assigned to a project manager. He or she will have the oversight of the entire process until its delivery.

pluma2: The project manager will designate a qualified translator or translation team based on language pairs and text type.

pluma 3: The most adequate terminology will then be incorporated into the project text by a specialised translator.

pluma 4: A second translator will then revise the translated text (if the client has requested this service).

pluma 5: Once the text has been translated, it is forwarded to the desktop publishing phase, if the client has requested this service.

pluma 6: The completed project will be punctually delivered to the client.

At our translation company we work with great care and take care of every detail, always offering quality translations tailored to the needs of our clients.

7 Reasons why we stand out:

plumaClient support: we offer personal, competent, friendly advice

plumaPersonalised service: Each translation project is assigned to a project manager, who not only monitors the progress of the project, but is also entirely at the disposal of the client to deal with any queries.

plumaPunctuality: We always meet our deadlines.

plumaQualified personnel: All our collaborators have more than five years' experience, and are native speakers of the language into which they translate.

plumaQuality: We provide professional services adapted to your needs.

plumaExcellent quality/price ratio: We provide an extraordinary quality/price ratio which is adapted to every budget.

plumaReal-time quotes: You can calculate the price of your translation using our price calculator.

Quality Guaranty

One might say that the best translation is the undiscovered one; In other words, the reader is not aware that the text has been translated, because nothing stands in the way along the path to comprehension.

Contrary to popular belief, although the command of a foreign language is indeed one necessary tool in translation, other skills are also required in order to render a faithful translation. Moreover, logic dictates that a translator be familiar with the subject area of the text being translated. Translation requires specialization and continued education.That is why Cosmolingo relies on carefully selected and degreed, native translators who possess a wealth of experience in a variety of specialty areas. This enables us to provide our clients with the best quality translations.

Thanks to our management system, we guarantee careful processing of your translation projects, since we are able to handle large volumes of work with maximum efficiency while always meeting the deadlines set.

If you need a translation in Spanish, English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese or any other language, please contact us.

As a translation company we offer exceptional value for money. See for yourself!

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