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The Georgian language

Georgian, from the Caucasian family, it the mother tongue of about 4 million Georgians, which make up approximately 70% of the population of this small republic which previously belonged to the Soviet Union, as well as about 2 million people living outside its borders, above all in Turkey and Russia, but also in various regions of the Middle East, especially Azerbaijan.

Because Georgia is at an intersection between Europe and Asia, it shows influences from all the cultures that have passed through it: Greek-Roman, Arabic, Turkish and, above all, Persian and Russian. In fact, the Georgian language and alphabet have been the most prominent symbols of national identity against foreign occupation. It is not surprising therefore that Georgia has the oldest literary tradition of all the Caucasian languages.

Just as Georgian has given rise to numerous dialects throughout history, it has also adopted various forms of writing. The modern alphabet consists of 33 letters, corresponding to as many different sounds. Interestingly, it does not use capital letters.

The history of Georgia has never been peaceful, but since the declaration of independence in 1991 it has become particularly bloody. The most unpleasant episodes have been reported on the news: the endless civil wars, the separatist movements that endure to this day and the violent reactions they have caused among the unionists, the ethnic cleansing, fraud and political corruption… Because of all these events, the economy is rather weak and crime has become a pressing problem. Furthermore, a large number of young people have left the country in search of opportunities abroad, meaning that the population is aging and the birth rate is one of the lowest in the world.