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Our translation agency offers top quality professional translation services from English - Swedish and other languages. Through our collaboration with over 2000 translators, we can safely say that we have the necessary expert who fully understands the sector for which the translation is intended.

Although most people often think that translation is simple and that it is only necessary to convey the meaning, it is actually much more complex. Years of experience and the absolute mastery of both the source and target language are required, in addition to extensive knowledge in different fields, in order to convey a message coherently from language to another.

Every translator needs a solid foundation and an absolute understanding of the language to be translated. Therefore, we select our collaborators very carefully and only choose the best, in order to be sure that the translation from English - Swedish is carried out by an expert who works with care and perfection to achieve optimal results.

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The Swedish language

Swedish is included in the Swedishic branch of the Indo-European family and belongs to the subgroup of Nordic languages along with Norwegian and Danish, with which it has certain similarities which, to some extent, make them mutually intelligible, albeit asymmetrically; the Danes for example find it easier to understand the Swedes than vice versa. In fact, some of the differences that have developed between these languages are the result of nationalist movements in the respective countries. Swedish is the official language of Sweden, where, nevertheless, there are still some dialects and several minority languages are recognized. Moreover, up to one fifth of the population has diverse origins, which fosters an enriching situation of multilingualism.

The Kingdom of Sweden is one of the largest countries in the European Union, but is also one of the least populated. “How is that possible?” you may ask. The reason is that a considerable portion of the land is covered by forest and bodies of water. We could say that Sweden is the lung of Europe. Moreover, the Swedish authorities have implemented exemplary energy saving and environmental conservation policies. UNESCO has recognized this and has granted various natural areas the title of World Heritage.

Sweden also boasts one of the most powerful and competitive economies in the world, with a combination of elements from both free market economy and planned economy, which stands out in the automobile and consumer electronics sectors, all this without having given up the Swedish krona on joining the European Union. It also has a very high human development index.

Socially, the Swedes have a reputation for being liberal, responsible and tolerant citizens, particularly in controversial sexual issues such as gender equality and homosexual marriage, but also with regard to individual freedom and rights.